WPT Power Clutches and Brakes


RigPro carries clutches and brakes from WPT Power including water cooled brakes, caliper brakes, power grip clutches, and power set clutches and brakes.

Water Cooled Brakes

Water cooled brakes are used for situations involving large thermal loads must be dissipated. These situations include logging, towing winches, and petroleum drilling to name a few.

Pilotless Mechanical PTO

The Mechanical PTO consists of a lever actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings fixed in cast housing.  This product is designed for inline and side load situations on all SAE standard dimensioned combustion engines.

  • Sealed-for-life bearings
  • Ball bearings throw out collars
  • Heavy-duty, laminated gear tooth friction disc is available
  • Drive rings are iron or steel
  • Roller pilot bearings are available

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Type 1 PTO

This PTO is designed to maximize spherical roller bearing potential with the use of their sheaves between the bearings.  The Type 1 PTO is intended for very high involvement applications, thus they possess a drive belt tension capacity that is 2-4 times stronger than the Type 2 PTO.

  • Potential  for remote engagement
  • Maintenance-free self-adjusting clutch
  • Air or Hydraulic actuation
  • Heavy Duty Laminated gear tooth friction discs
  • Easy drive belt removal

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Type 2 PTO

The Type 2 PTO is an innovative and adaptable PTO. With the use of its high class roller bearings and dry clutch, the Type 2 PTO has proven its ability to handle various side load applications.

  • Potential for remote engagement
  • Maintenance-free self-adjusting clutch
  • Air or Hydraulic actuation
  • Heavy Duty Laminated gear tooth friction discs
  • Grease or oil lubrication for bearings

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Power Grip

The Power Grip clutch is a product intended to be versatile for both in-line and shaft-to-shaft power transmission applications. The dry-clutch designed by WPT is widely recognized as an industry standard that ranges from 8” to 60”. Common uses are Marine, Oil & Gas, Mining, but also many other industrial functions. Maintenance Benefit Options:

  • Patented Extended Hub Teeth
  • Wave Springs to replace standard coil spring sets
  • Standard or quick change driving adapters
  • Split Air tubes  and Friction Discs
  • Demountable back plate

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Power Grip PO

The WPT Power Grip PO Clutch is aimed to accommodate in-line power transmission applications with sizes from 14” to 36”. Common practices for this product include Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas industries.

  • Nodular Iron drive rings as standard
  • Premier friction material
  • Extended life diaphragm
  • Design self-compensates for wear

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Power Set Brake

Power Set Clutches and Brakes feature basic pneumatic-piston pin-drive designs that offer both pneumatically-applied and spring-applied systems that pneumatically release. These Clutches and Brakes provide a means to meet the heavy loads and intense work of the Mining industry.
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