Workover Rig Tools & Expendables

RigPro carries a large inventory of quality tools and expendables for servicing your workover rig and equipment including:

  • Tubing Slips
  • Tubing Elevators
  • Slip Inserts
  • Rod Strippers
  • Pipe Wiper Blocks
  • Elevator Links
  • Rod Elevators, Wrenches, Wheels, Birdies, Hooks, Clevises
  • Traveling Blocks
  • Fishing Tools
  • Hydraulic Fanss
  • Blow-out Preventors
  • Swabbing Tools
  • Oil Savers
  • Sink Bars and Jars
  • Mandrels
  • Rubber Goods
  • Pipe Wipers
  • Tubing Stripper Rubberss
  • Oil Saver Rubbers
  • Rod Stripper Rubbers
  • Swab Cups

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Our vendor partners for Workover Rig Tools & Expendables include:


Crosby provides us with custom sheaves, as well as crown blocks, RJ style drilling blocks and oilfield servicing blocks and other hardware engineered specifically for  the well servicing industry.

Learn More About Crosby Products


Our alliance with Gearench allows us to bring high quality tubing elevators, PETOL suckerods, and spin wrenches for oilfield rigs.

Learn More About Crosby Products


NOV Gil is our partner as well as an  industry leader in manufacturing sucker rod tongs, power tubing, contact us for help on selecting the right one for your needs.

Learn More About NOV Gil Products


New Orleans XBrake are the woven  brake block experts who provide us with a variety of drilling industry brakes and related equipment .

Learn More About X Brake Products.

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