Workover Rig Servicing, Drilling and Crown Blocks by Crosby


RigPro carries quality blocks from Crosby including Oilfield Servicing Blocks, Oilfield Drilling Blocks, and Crown Blocks.


Oilfield Servicing Blocks

McKissick® Oilfield Tubing Blocks utilizing new Split Nut Retention System. Revolutionary new retention system eliminates conventional threaded nut and potential problems associated with thread corrosion.  70 Series has a spring loaded hook for heavy usage and is built to last long. 80 Series does not have a spring loaded hook in order to be suited for shallow depths.

  • E-Z Opening Guards
  • Convenient rod hook clevis
  • Double row, pre-adjusted tapered bearings with seals
  • McKissick Split-Nut® hook parts precision machined and individually fitted for maximum performance.
  • Lock Arms that have self-retaining bolts

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Oilfield Drilling Blocks: RJ Style Drilling Blocks

  • Double Row, pre-adjusted bearings with seals
  • McKissick Roll-Forged Sheaves
  • Easy opening guards
  • Spring Loaded Hook
  • Combination hook blocks have interchangeable parts with BJ type
  • McKissick® blocks built up to 1982.

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Crown Blocks

  • McKissick Roll-Forged Sheaves
  • Double row pre-adjusted sealed tapered bearings mounted on a steel shaft
  • Pre-assembled units for rapid attachment to crown assembly for installation on derrick.
  • On multiple sheave assemblies, one sheave can be grooved for sand line on request

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McKissick Roll-Forged™ sheaves

  • McKissick Roll-Forged™ sheaves are available in sizes from 305mm to 1981mm. They are engineered to provide maximum hardness for wear-resistance and a closer fit for wire rope. With McKissick Roll-Forged Sheaves you can expect better balance and distribution of forces instead of uneven stress and failure that other sheaves face.

Sheaves Selection Guide: to accurately display the information in this guide, the original document is necessary
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